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    Name:abalone and chicken boiled in caviar sauce

    Main ingredients: Kaluga Queen caviar, fresh abalone, local free running chicken

    Seasoning ingredients: ginger, spring onion, salt, starch, condensed chick soup, seafood sauce, sesame oil, pepper powder, peanut butter, barbecue sauce, nectar, pork fat.


              1.Wash abalones, cure in marinade;

              2.Cut chicken into parts of desired sizes, cure in marinade;

              3.Blanch abalones with ginger wine, fry chicken parts;

              4.Saute the seasoning ingredients until fragrant, put in all main ingredients and cook until soup is thickened.

    Tips:1.Do not put in caviar too early, avoid over cooking.

            2.As the main material in the dish, caviar’s salty fragrance supplements chicken and abalone; do not put in too much salt as caviar is salty.

            3.Chicken can be replaced by goose or frog.

    This dish features a rare choice of hot dish using caviar as main ingredient. It’s not oily and has a fresh after taste.

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    Name:cold abalone with caviar

    Main ingredients: Kaluga Queen caviar 25g, a fresh abalone

    Flavor water: nectar 100g, spice water 60g, soy sauce 60g, chili sauce 20g, mineral water 300g.

    Preparation: marinate the abalone in flavor water for 3 hours. Cut the marinated abalone into thick slices. Put the abalone slices on a dish with ice on the bottom, put caviar on top of abalone.

    This dish features a full and fresh taste. The juice from ruptured caviar roes complements the already rich flavored abalone and leaves a fragrant after taste.

  • Name: pumpkin thread abalone and caviar

    Main ingredients: Kaluga Queen caviar, fresh abalone, fresh lotus seed, pumpkin.

    Seasoning ingredients: kelp, thick soy sauce, light soy sauce, sake, crystal sugar, squid powder, salt, onion oil.


    1.Boil kelp with water, add crystal sugar, thick soy sauce, light soy sauce, sake, and squid powder. Cool down the soup. Boil lotus seed until cooked.

    2.Soak abalone in the 80℃ water until cooked, and then marinate it in the soup of step 1 for two hours. Cut abalone in slices.

    3.Add salt and onion oil to lotus seed and pumpkin threads, stir until even and place on a piece of lotus leaf, put abalone and caviar on top.

    Tips: boil abalone for a short time, 5 minutes is the best. Add plenty ice to bring out the best taste of caviar.

    This dish features a fresh fragrance and crispy taste.

  • Name: braised scallop and caviar

    Main ingredients: Kaluga Queen caviar, fresh scallop, broad bean halves

    Seasoning ingredients: fresh cream 20g, butter 3g, salt, chicken soup, beer, ginger and spring onion.


    1.Soak dried broad bean overnight with water.

    2.Boil the broad beans, add salt, boil for 40~45 minutes. Mash the boiled beans. Stir fry the mashed beans with butter and cream.

    3.Boil chicken soup, add ginger and spring onion. Cook the scallops in the 68℃ soup for 8 minutes. Take out the scallops and add beer to it.

    4.Press mashed beans by a piping bag onto a small dish, and put caviar and scallops in it.

    Tips: the temperature of cooking scallops is very important. If a low temperature pot is not available, after boiling, turn off the heat and soak the scallops until cooked.

    This dish features bright color, smooth texture and fresh fragrance.

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    Name: salmon sashimi and caviar

    Main ingredients: Kaluga Queen caviar 30g, salmon belly 120g, avocado

    Seasoning ingredients: champagne dressing - champagne half ounce, cream 30g; wasabi dressing – wasabi oil 5g, wasabi powder 2g, custard 5g; tomato sauce – chili ketchup 10g, olive oil 5g.


    1.Cut salmon belly into 1.5cm cubes, wrap with baked sesame, cover with champagne dressing, put in Kaluga Queen caviar.

    2.Cut avocado into small pieces, add cilantro and tomato pieces, add olive oil and salt; cut salmon back into 3cm thick slices, cover with avocado salad and Kaluga Queen caviar; decorate with the chili tomato sauce.

    3.Blend wasabi powder with custard, drip onto a plate; make the salmon belly into rolls, cover with cream and then Kaluga Queen caviar.

    This dish features a strong visual impact and subtle balance between aesthetics and spontaneity.

  • Name: crabmeat salad with caviar

    Main ingredients: Kaluga Queen caviar, Alaska king crab meat, Chinese yam, lentil, egg.

    Seasoning ingredients: salad dressing, green lemon, etc.


    1.Steam Chinese yam until cooked, peel off skin, and grate into a puree; boil lentil until cooked.

    2.Fry egg crepe until golden and crispy.

    3.Shred crab meat, add yam puree, lentil, and salad dressing, put into egg crepe roll, and place Kaluga Queen caviar on top.

    Tips: do not put too much salad dressing, as the fresh saltiness of caviar adds rich flavor to the dish. It’s a challenge to mix caviar with sweet flavored food. So be careful with the ratio: do not let the caviar taste be drowned out.

    This dish features the freshness of caviar and crab meat combined with the crispy and fragrant egg crepe. The orange peel on the bottom gives it an extra layer of spicy fresh taste.

  • Name: iced cucumber puree with caviar

    Main ingredients: Kaluga Queen caviar, fresh cucumber juice.

    Seasoning ingredients: Chinese yam crisp, lavender flower, cream, ice cubes, sugar water.

    Preparation:mix cucumber, ice cubes, and sugar water with a blender, freeze the puree for 2 hours. Decorate caviar on top of the puree.

    Tips: this dish can be served as an appetizer together with Champagne, especially one with a fruity flavor, or alternatively with oily entrees. Special ambience can be created if served with liquid nitrogen.

    This dish features the creative idea and caviar tin opening in front of the guests.

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    Name: caviar and Kagoshima king scallop sashimi

    Main ingredients: Kaluga Queen, king scallop, organic pea shoots

    Seasoning ingredients: dried orange, dried tomato, olive oil, black pepper


    1.Cut scallops into very thin slices, about 1mm.

    2.Bake orange and tomato at 45℃ for 48 hours, mince and spread on a plate.

    3.Put organic pea shoots or baby arugula evenly on a plate.

    4.Put Kaluga Queen caviar on top, sprinkle some olive oil to add fragrance.

    Tips: the selection of scallops is very important. Some scallops may taste bitter. Only the high quality scallops have a natural freshness like the ocean.

    This dish features simple cuisine, quality ingredients, and exquisite aspect. The tasty juice of caviar and the smoothness of scallops compliments each other. And the added taste of orange is very special.

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    Name: caviar salad and champagne ball

    Main ingredients: Kaluga Queen caviar, champagne

    Preparation: make champagne into balls, shape up in calcium water (3:1000), rinse with clean water, put champagne balls in spoons and decorate with Kaluga Queen caviar.

    This dish features molecular food technique and provides a different dining experience.